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Relieve. Relax.

World's premium intelligent neck massager.

No more muscle tension, no more soreness.

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Meet LOOP Intellligent Personal Massager

An intelligent personal massager worth sticking your neck out for.

LOOP Intelligent Personal Massager
  • Deep Relief

    Relieve your neck shoulder tensions with Loop's deeply massaging, low-cycle pulse technology.

  • Heat Release

    Warm things up with Loop's infrared heating function; a simple way to ease your muscles and promote blood circulation.

  • Portable

    Enjoy a lightweight and seamless design that makes it easy for you to take everywhere and use anywhere.

  • Fully Adjustable

    Rotate through three different massage modes, then make your choice between a spectrum of intensities.

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Relief Like Never before

Open the pain points along your neck and lighten the aches in your cervical spine with Loop’s low-frequency TENS pulse technology. The wireless neck massager penetrates 3-5 centimeters below your skin to help promote blood circulation, relieve soreness, activate tissue cells, and alleviate neck fatigue, so you can finally de-stress the right way.

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Your Portable Masseuse

Loop acts as a personal and portable massage therapist allowing you to simulate real massage techniques. Choose between three different modes: kneading, scraping, and acupuncture mode. Moreover, with 15 levels of massage intensities you can work your way through various massage experiences till you are satisfied and ache-free.

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best neck and shoulder massager with heat

Activated Heating

While enjoying Loop’s pulse technology the best neck and shoulder massager with heat, you can also activate the advanced heating function. When activated, the Neck Therapy massager will maintain a constant temperature of 107°F to help you ease blood vessels, stimulate tissue cells, and accelerate circulation so you can go about your day relieved and relaxed.

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Ergonomically "U" Shaped

Don't worry about slipping and falling because the Loop was designed to wrap snugly around your neck. 



Light and Portable

Weighing just under 160 grams, it's the ideal travel buddy for any journey long or short.


Long Lasting Charge

On a single charge you can enjoy up to 10 hours of relief and comfort before having to recharge.

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Comfort meets Convenience

Say goodbye to bulky, expensive massagers and say hello to Loop’s seamless, comfortable design. Wear it anywhere without the worry of uneasiness to your neck. To top it off, Loop’s easy-to-operate system leaves you one click away from an intense and gratifying massage experience.

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A Sanctuary For your neck

Loop’s balloon neck feature shelters your neck snugly while you enjoy your wonderful massage. It’s skin-friendly, breathable soft silicone materials leave the major blood vessels in your neck pressure-free while the U-shape wraps cozily to your skin.

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USB Charging portable massage therapist

Fast charge with a long battery

Loop’s built-in rechargeable lithium battery uses a simple, standard Micro USB connector that will effectively prevent overcharge and leave you with a long-lasting battery. With an hour’s worth of charge, you can enjoy Loop for 15 minutes everyday for 10 days without having to recharge.

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Success Stories

As someone with chronic neck pains, I thought my fate was sealed. But after using Loop I realized there was still hope out there. The massager cut deep into my pain points, and loosened the muscles around my neck. Haven't felt this great in a while!

– Holly M.

After my first week of using Loop, I made a bold call to my chiropractor, canceled my next appointment, and cancelled all the appointments after that. Best decision of my life and I have no regrets. Thanks to Loop, my wallet is full, and my neck is pain-free.

– Richard G.

Great Relief Awaits

Ease your pain and love your body.

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